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We are excited to be a  HYDE SAILS distributor
HYDE Sails HYDE Sails

Don’t pay premium prices for premium sails.  Here at Island Nautical we pride ourselves on producing a premium product at an affordable price.  We are not a “cookie cutter” operation.  We build all of our sails to order to ensure a proper fit and back them with our three year warranty.  When comparing other sails to ours, make sure you are comparing “apples to apples”


Some questions to ask our competition: *

  • Are they using a High-Modulus premium sailcloth?
  • Do you offer extras at no additional charge i.e.; adjustable leech line, tell tales, sail bag, aluminum headboard?
  • Are your sails designed by an employee of the company ?
  • Can they walk out of their office into a sail loft?

Be wary of companies that do not require a measurement form!  There are several key measurements that equate to proper fit and sail shape.  It is impossible to make a perfect sail without the exact measurements for YOUR boat.  You never know if a previous owner has changed something that would dramatically alter the proper fit of a sail.

Contact one of our sail consultants for more help or a quote




HYDE Sails   Why Buy HYDE

HYDE Sails Quality Sails at Affordable Prices
Hyde Sails 100 + Years in sail-making experience
Sails Designed in our Florida Loft
Sails built with premium quality sail cloth.
Dependability, Year after year.
3 Year Warranty

JSI is a Dealer for Doyle Sails and will remain one.... JSI and Doyle's large product range can accommodate any of your sailing needs.
Please contact one of our salespeople at to get a quote for Doyle Products.
* Of course we can answer YES to all those, most others can not.
Ricky is cool!
** Our quoter does NOT accurately price sails on boats below 24ft. Please contact Dan or Josh for those prices
We are working to remedy that problem, but in the mean time this is our only solution.
Sorry for the inconvenience.