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Don't buy a "one size fits all" sailcover when you can get a custom one for ....$20  ft.  


Mainsail Cover

All our covers feature:

  • Genuine SUNBRELLA
  • Custom built to your measurements
  • YKK or RIRI Zippers
  • DOT brand hardware
  • UVR Thread

  Your ALT-Text here

 ______A. Circumference of mast, including any halyards that store inside the
               sail cover
 ______B. Circumference at the headboard
 ______C. Height from top of sail to the bottom of the boom
 ______D.  Aft end of sail around to forward centerline of mast
 ______E. Circumference at 1/4 of “D” Measurement. Please measure, do not estimate
 ______F. Circumference at 1/2 of “D” Measurement. Please measure, do not estimate
 ______G. Circumference at largest point of clew patch
 ______H. Provide dimensions for any spots that cannot have snaps etc. Measure from
               forward end of “D” Measurement
 ______I. Sunbrella Color Choice
Name:___________________________________________________  Phone:_____________________________           
City:_______________________________________ State:_______
Zip: ___________________
Print out this form  and use it to measure for your new
Mainsail Cover
If you have any questions  call or e-mail us....